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California Abecedarian Project


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Cost, Quality, and Outcome Study

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European Child Care and Education Study (Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain) ECCE
Florida Quality Improvement Study n/a Howes, C., Smith, E., & Galinsky, E. (1995). The Florida Quality Improvement Study: Interim report. New York: Families and Work Institute.

Updated report: Howes, C., Galinsky, E., Shinn M., Sibley A., Abbott-Shim M., & McCarthy, J. (1996). The Florida Child Care Quality Improvement Study: 1996 report. New York: Families and Work Institute.
International Child Care and Education Project
(consolidation of ECCE and CQ&O)
ICCE Robbach, H. G. (1995). The International Child Care and Education Project - Quality of Center-based Early Childhood Programs. Paper presented at the AERA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
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National Institute of Child Health and Human Development NICHD
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth NLCYS
National Longitudinal Survey of Youth NLSY
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