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CCKM Reviews of Evidence
feature the best elements of traditional systematic review methods such as those developed by the Cochrane Collaboration for biomedical sciences and used by the Campbell Collaboration. However, CCKM tailors its methods to the characteristics, realities, and applications of research in social and behavioural sciences.

Students and staff use CCKM Protocols such as Question & Concept Maps, Search Development Diaries, Search Strategies & Database Justifications, Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria, and Data Extraction Coding Forms to maintain high quality research review standards while meeting the need-to-know time-demands of policy analysts and practitioners. CCKM Reviews of Evidence are systematic, collaborative, transparent, and dispassionate.

CCKM also applies advanced techniques from information science to retrieve governmental, organizational, and media reports that identify how issues are defined by decisions makers and the public. CCKM recognizes that research findings gain meaning when they framed in their social and political contexts.

For an example of a Review of Evidence, read the Single Sex Schooling Final Report.



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