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Does parental reading promote literacy skills of children with autism?

Funding proposal to an autism society for family book-gifts program

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The capacity for literacy development of autistic individuals is often underestimated.

Access to print materials and shared reading time are repeatedly seen to be an important step in encouraging emergent literacy amongst children with autism.

The literacy development of children with autism can be enhanced by the same factors that promote literacy learning in their non-disabled peers.

The aim of improving literacy skills of children with autism is a worthwhile goal, one for which the proposed book gift program provides the means necessary to attain.


Repeated storybook reading as a language intervention for children with autism: a case study on the application of scaffolding.

Beyond sight words: literacy opportunities for children with autism.

Natural emergent literacy supports for preschoolers with autism and severe communication impairments.

"He's not really a reader...": Perspectives on supporting literacy development in individuals with autism.




























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