creates tools that make knowledge mobilisation easier and more effective by responding to the needs of users. The users are researchers who need protocols for bringing their findings to decision makers, and decision makers who need quick, convenient, and accurate reports of evidence. CCKM tools allow users to "drill up" or "drill down" on research evidence. For example, Research SPOTLIGHTS feature a sub-group of studies selected from a systematic Review of Evidence, whereas  a Fact Sheet highlights  the Review in just one page.


Strategies for Creating CCKM Tools

purpose harness evidence & disseminate knowledge
process optimize teamwork & facilitate learning
customization user informed & user tested
clarity transparent methods & plain language
quality reliable & dispassionate investigations
utility efficient & multi-tiered complexity


   Fact Sheets


    Research SPOTLIGHTS
    Reviews of Evidence

  Get quick & reliable feasibility reports
  before you invest in systematic reviews
  for questions of policy and practice. Can
  research studies be found? How long
  will the review take? How much will it
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